attention: idiots (a code of conduct for public behaviour)

Joseph Ratliff:

This should be mandatory reading for any moron that it describes…

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You know, sometimes I think that most people are basically good and the world isn’t such a terrible place, despite all the bad things that happen.

Then I go out into the world and mix with other allegedly sentient beings for a few hours and it makes me want to run home, close the curtains and never make human contact again.

Speaking of which.

Sunday was my mum’s birthday and as it was a special birthday, it was especially important that we (by which I mean my mum – because I’m disabled by long-term health problems not because I’m lazy) managed to dig ourselves out of the snow and make it to her special surprise birthday outing.

Despite the fact that it took my mum a good forty-five minute’s digging and despite the fact that our upstairs neighbour said “You won’t get out today” (red rag, have you met…

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